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Sharing of flavors and cultures!

The Cuisine du Monde is a participatory project of encounters between cultures and people which is characterized by a friendly and warm atmosphere.

During each edition, the cuisine and culture of two countries are honored by volunteer cooks who show participants how to prepare typical dishes from their region.

However, they are not the only ones who cook: it is up to everyone to invest in the preparation of a good meal.

The price is the price of the ingredients, divided by the number of people.

After the culinary evening, the recipes of the cooked dishes are sent to the participants so that they can redo them at home.

It is the fact of preparing a meal together that breaks down barriers and creates bonds between people of all origins, nationalities, and generations.

Organizers: Maison des Associations & Fédération des Associations Capverdiennes du Luxembourg (FACVL)

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One year after the release of the book which brings together some of the international recipes shared during the "Cuisine du Monde" meetings, here is finally the apron!

Cuisine du Monde is one of the activities offered by the Maison des Associations a.s.b.l, with the Fédération des Associations Capverdiennes. These times of meeting between people from different backgrounds emphasize friendliness and sharing around the preparation, all together, of a meal composed of typical dishes from at least two countries.

While waiting to be able to cook together again, brighten up your daily dishes with spices from around the world! To continue your taste travel, we offer you a copy of the cookbook "Cuisine du Monde" with every purchase of the apron.

The profit from sales helps support the Maison des Associations a.s.b.l. and the projects it implements in the direction of a better living together experience in Luxembourg.

Cuisine du Monde Apron: €25 + shipping costs

Free Cuisine du Monde cookbook

Information and orders by email or telephone:

+352 26 68 31 09


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