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"Kino mat Häerz... a mat Kaffi!" : the pleasure of meeting up one afternoon in a beautiful cinema and sharing the same center of interest in a convivial spirit.

The Kino mat Häerz team offers you a film and adds a specific note relating to the relational factor: a personalized welcome in a charming and super-comfortable setting. This is the Cinémathèque room located at Place du Théâtre in Luxembourg. After the screening, you have the possibility of a friendly "coffee and cake" meeting in a warm space to allow everyone to discuss the projected film and set an appointment for the next screening.

For people with reduced mobility, some films will be screened at the Cinémathèque located at the Cloche d'Or.

For any information or reservation of the Kino mat Häerz, please contact the senior service of the City of Luxembourg at the number 4796-2428 or consult the following websites: | |

Organizers: Cinematheque of the City of Luxembourg, Service Seniors of the City of Luxembourg, Help/Red Cross, Maison des Associations

Click HERE to receive our Kino mat Haërz invitations.


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