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"Raconte-moi une histoire..." is an intergenerational meeting between seniors and children. In an interactive and friendly environment, seniors can take on the informal role of "grandparents" by telling the youngest a story in their mother tongue. Indeed, a lot of room is left to the imagination and emotions.

On the one hand, this project allows seniors to promote their own language and culture to younger people. On the other side, it allows children to improve their listening and speaking skills. By listening to another language, they not only develop a keener curiosity for other languages and cultures, but they also learn to be more attentive.

"Raconte-moi une histoire..." project is organized by the Maison des Associations and the RBS-Center fir Altersfroen and supported by the Ministry for the Family, Integration and the Greater Region.

Become a volunteer storyteller!

Are you over 50 and like telling stories to children?

Then take part in our “Raconte-moi une histoire” project, which promotes the development of children by introducing them to a history, a language, and another culture, while forging intergenerational links. We are looking for people over the age of 50 interested in telling stories to children aged 2 to 9, in nurseries, schools, or libraries.

All languages are welcome!

More information by phone at 26 68 31 09 or by email at


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